1. This clinic is by far one of the best veterinary clinics I have ever used. Can’t think of anything that would make my experience better. Every vet and technician treat my dog like he is one of their own. In fact, my large male Akita was so comfortable with Dr. Eckenrode this past week in the exam room, he laid down flat on his side in the position I called “dog rug“ and just started to snooze. He has never done this in public before. That just exemplifies his level of comfort.

    Brenda F.
  2. I'm very happy to have found Dr. Shrock and Pat, the vet tech. They were so compassionate and helpful with the stray that needed to have everything done to get him cleaned up. Poor ragged tomcat, we needed help and they were so kind. They didn't make me feel like an idiot and they didn't treat the cat like he was garbage. They treated him like he is a life worth saving. Everyone at Carlisle Small Animal Clinic was kind and friendly and genuine.

    Judy G.
  3. I saw Dr. Morrison for the first time on Wednesday. She was extremely helpful and patient with me. I had/have a lot of questions about my dog's issues. She not only answered my questions but even did some research to find the best solution. The entire staff was nothing but caring and pleasant. One of the receptionist, Nicole, went above and beyond when I called in with questions. She did everything in her power to find the person I needed to talk to to get me some answers. As well as the receptionist that checked us in/out the day of our appointment. That lady also went out of her way to help and provide me with answers. One of their Vet Techs, Amanda, not only called me back after I received some unfortunate news but she also listened to my concerns and helped alleviate some of my anxiety. She was also extremely patient and caring with me as I cried over the phone. I can not thank the staff at Carlisle Small Animal enough. They have been nothing but wonderful and treated me and my dog so well even though I am a brand new patient. They have been fantastic with all of my request and I greatly appreciate it and them! Thank you to the Staff at Carlisle Small Animal.

    Brandy B.
  4. We just moved here and love this place for our German Shepherd Roxy! The staff is very friendly and the service is convenient. Thank you all for your terrific service!

    Jason O.